ORCA Financial Management

Ben came to us regarding his website. He had a new site done 6 months ago and wasnt appearing in search engines. He wanted to understand how he could appear in google without massive costs he had been quoted for “SEO” work.

After a review of his current site, we agreed that the best option would be to do a whole new site. This was going to be a wordpress site as previously. This time it would give the visitor more information about what ORCA does. We were happy with the initial websites direction of “We Advise, We Support, We Grow”. However this is all it said. So we took this as the company approach and built additional pages about the business itself.

A lot of the work we passed to Ben to write. At the end of the day he knows his business better than we do. Having a frame to work from enabled Ben to focus on the direction of his business. Something we always discuss with out clients….

What do you want to achieve?

What message do you want to get across to visitors?

What is your competition?

Following these key points, Ben completed all of the pages content for us to build.

It took a few days to get the first stage website up and running. Since then, Ben has had several bitesize lessons from us at Fungrenade and is doing his own changes confidently.