Why FunGrenade

How FunGrenade was born

I know what you are all thinking, why FunGrenade? I.T., Web Dev and Graphic Design is often a subject that businesses need, but doesn’t understand how to implement it in their business. It is for this reason that there is an open market out there for charging whatever the company can get away with… we call it ‘Ignorance Tax’. If a business owner doesn’t understand the concept and are told they need it they will pay for it.

Over the years we have seen lots of web design and development companies pop up. The prices have been astronomical in some cases. This is something that drives us crazy at FunGrenade hence why we set up to offer more manageable solutions for smaller businesses. You get exactly what you need to help your company develop and drive business awareness.

But why FunGrenade..... I KNOW I KNOW, I'm coming to that. Sitting in the lounge one evening we were chatting about the business idea when one of our cats was wanting to play. We have a toy that provides us (and the cats) with hours of entertainment, we call it the FunGrenade. We throw it for the cats and as it lands it laughs and they go crazy! Watch this space we will video it and share with you all soon!

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Our History

Check out timeline to see our history and how we got to be who we are today.