Pontyclun Community Shop Front

Working for the Pontyclun local community

Last week we had a clearout, that produced several bags that needed to go to the charity shop. I had a look on google to see what time the  Pontyclun community shop closed as it was bad weather and I didnt fancy walking there and back with heavy bags.

It said on google that the shop closed at 1.30pm. I was sure they were open when I was over there at 3pm. So I picked up the phone, luckily the number was right and called them to see what time they closed. Bonus 5pm!!!

When I got there I met the Manager, Vanessa. I mentioned that google had all their opening times wrong. She said that they have tried to find out who set it up so they can change it but had no luck.

We love to help the local community, so here was an opportunity for us to help. I introduced Fungrenade and our services. I explained how we could sort out their google places for them and yes NO CHARGE!!!

Fungreanade was born from the need to provide services to our local community for reasonable costs. Here was a business that was putting its profits back into the community so why wouldn’t we help. It would be our pleasure.

As of today Pontyclun Community Shop is now up today with google so people of the community can find out when they are open. We will continue to look after their google places for them and anytime they need anything they just have to ask.

We are proud to have helped out. Fungrenade strikes again!!