Pontyclun Community Shop Front

Working for the Pontyclun local community

Last week we had a clearout, that produced several bags that needed to go to the charity shop. I had a look on google to see what time the  Pontyclun community shop closed as it was bad weather and I didnt fancy walking there and back with heavy bags.

It said on google that the shop closed at 1.30pm. I was sure they were open when I was over there at 3pm. So I picked up the phone, luckily the number was right and called them to see what time they closed. Bonus 5pm!!!

When I got there I met the Manager, Vanessa. I mentioned that google had all their opening times wrong. She said that they have tried to find out who set it up so they can change it but had no luck.

We love to help the local community, so here was an opportunity for us to help. I introduced Fungrenade and our services. I explained how we could sort out their google places for them and yes NO CHARGE!!!

Fungreanade was born from the need to provide services to our local community for reasonable costs. Here was a business that was putting its profits back into the community so why wouldn’t we help. It would be our pleasure.

As of today Pontyclun Community Shop is now up today with google so people of the community can find out when they are open. We will continue to look after their google places for them and anytime they need anything they just have to ask.

We are proud to have helped out. Fungrenade strikes again!!

Facebook or Website?

A lot of people come to us saying they need a website for their business. After sitting down and drilling through their needs vs budget we devise a plan. We believe that Social Media in this day and age is a key driver in the promotion of a business, while a website verifies the business. Both are necessary but in what order.

Recently we have worked with a client who wanted a website, his Facebook business page was active. His budget was limited, its one of those situations where you need something to drive more business but don’t have the funds to put behind it until the business is there. So what do you do……. start at the beginning……

  1. What is free? Social Media, word of mouth, referrals
  2. Creating the business image, business cards, flyers etc. This means a little leg work in getting the flyers out there.
  3. Finding the right person to work with. You need a designer / expert in web and social media. These people will guide you through the process and how to maximise every opportunity.
  4. Work out what you have to spend and forecast any future monies you will have to put into marketing.

Plan, plan, plan!!! I cannot stress that enough. Goals are important!! No matter what method of advertising you choose there needs to be a plan in place with clear goals. This should be linked to your marketing strategy. By using SMART objectives (yes here comes the jargon…..) you can measure the success. This applies to both Facebook and your website.

There are lots of people and software out there that can help with your analytics, choose wisely. Don’t get bogged down with information overload that you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or say “I don’t get it”.

So, Facebook or Website? In essence, Facebook will enable to to reach many individuals that maybe your website wont in the initial stages and its all free. That is unless you boost posts, but that’s for another blog.

A website will verify your business and is required but at a cost. Just think what do you do when you see something on your Facebook about a business…… you click on the link and check out their website. The same will go for your potential customers.

My advice…… get your Facebook up and running asap, then as soon as you have the funds available get a website done!!

We are always here to help at FunGrenade!!!


Facebook Banner for MTB DIGS

Custom Photography or Stock Photography?

Firstly you may not be aware of the term stock photography but you are exposed to it every day. Stock photography suppliers take millions of photos of landmarks, models, industry specific images and world images ahead of the demand. So in a nutshell it’s fast food restaurant but for photographs. You go onto the site, see what takes your fancy and then immediately buy the license to use that image in you website or design project.
Sounds great? Or is it?

Custom Photo by FunGrenade

Stock Photography

You have to think that the photographer that took the image from his own brief. He may have submitted that image months or probably years ago (you can tell from the site credits when the image was taken). The main thing is it was not taken specifically for you or your project.
And it can lead to very embarrassing situations.

Same dress at a wedding

Here are a few examples of disastrous use of stock photography. This being my ‘cringiest’ favourite. A Malaysian newspaper had this back to back advert of two different companies using the same stock photography.

from: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/3dxke2/stock_photo_nightmare_two_ads_facing_each_other/

Ok you may say how are they to know that was going to happen and it’s the fault of the paper for not spotting.
It doesn’t have to be the same image either, it can be from the same sequence.

But it’s not all bad.

Don’t rush into stock photography. The first nice image you see does not have to be the one you use. Set it aside, and move on. Build a portfolio of potential images, discuss with your co-workers and friends what images they like and why.

Custom Photography.

In my opinion this is the best form of photography for building an identity, recognition and reputation. For example, we are working on Tae Kwon Do club website and sales platform. This situation must use 100% custom photography. If you use stock photography of other martial artists then your credibility for being a teacher is harmed when the people on the site are not taking part in training.

Here is a good example of building an identity within the catchment of your business.


This is a mixture of stock photography and custom photography. So for using and driving the websites, i.e links and thumbnails, we use stock photography that suits that particular job. For the overall identity and developing a local brand and an association with the local area we took photography pf Pontyclun. So it’s the best of both worlds.

So in conclusion

I think each project you have to ask this question about photography. It’s easy and cheap to use stock photography, BUT, is it the right thing to do. Your website, handouts and merchandise is an extension of you and your business. Would you really want someone else’s face on it?