Retro Browsing

At Fungrenade we have been incredibly busy recently with our recent new recruits and clients. This morning working with our clients in China I thought you are never too busy to update your website!

At that moment one of the many newsletters I sign up to arrived. Usually I wake up to these as they are overnight deliveries but as I am on China time. One of the articles really got my attention. It came in the form of an article from CERN. Who have created an app to show how modern websites display in the first ever web browser that was created. It is a 30th birthday present to the world.

I was at university (studying physics) when this new method of sharing data across networks came along and it was so refreshing. Being able to see information rather than seeing file structures of servers across campus/world.

To use the browser click here for instruction and use. https://worldwideweb.cern.ch/